Sermon series

Sermons for November and December

November 1: All Saint’s Day, “Crossing Into the Promised Land” Revelation 7:9-17, Matthew 5:1-12,  Communion

November 8: “A Light Unto My Feet” Joshua 24:1-3, 14-25; Matthew 25:1-13

November 15: “A Story of Three Servants” I Thess 5:1-11; Matthew 25:14-30

November 22:  “When Lord, Did We See You?” Ephesians 1:15-23; Matthew 23:31-46; CHIRST THE KING SUNDAY

November 29: “Come, Lord Jesus, Come” Isaiah 64:1-9, I Cor 1:1-9, Mark 13:24-27; FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT

December 6: Holy Communion:  “Christ Our Savior is Coming” Isaiah 40:1-11, Mark 1:1-8; SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT

December 13:  “The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me!” Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-1; I Thess 5:16-24; John 1:6-8, 19-28; THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT

December 20: “The Gift of Love” Romans 16:25-27, Luke 1:47-55, 26-38; FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT

December 24: Christmas Eve, “The Birth of Jesus!” Luke 2:1-20, Isaiah 9:2-7 ONLINE ONLY AT WWW.MASSILLONEPWORTHUMC.COM

December 27: “A Child of God” Isaiah 61:10-62:3, Luke 2:22-40 FIRST SUNDAY AFTER CHRISTMAS


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